Which food container material is safer?

date: 2018-09-14

There are many conditions for food storage boxes. First, the material of the food storage box must have non-toxic and harmless basic conditions. If the food is used, it will become toxic because it is stored. This indicates that the material of the food storage box is Inferior, inferior materials made, must not be purchased. Will cause harm to the body.
Second: the food storage box needs good heat resistance, and the food that has been refrigerated and refrigerated may need to be heated. At this time, the material of the food storage box determines whether direct heating can be performed, so it is better to follow the concept of convenience and quickness. The material of the crisper that is directly heated.

Third: The scope of the food preservation box is not only for adults, but also for some special people such as children, the elderly, etc., so it is best to choose the material to be resistant to falling and not easy to break.

Fourth: the food crisper must have superior airtightness, can isolate bacteria in the air and air, and maximize the freshness of the food. For example, some countries and brands of crisper materials have used aerospace technology materials, The superior airtightness is several times that of the general ordinary crisper. This kind of crisper can extend the freshness of the ingredients.