Advantages of epp material incubator

date: 2018-09-14

1, epp incubator has excellent heat resistance, can be used at 130 degrees
2, it has strong thermal stability compared with traditional foam
3, its molecular structure density is small, light weight, easy to transport and carry
4, able to withstand a certain impact, with excellent cushioning performance
5, excellent low temperature resistance, can guarantee the function of the product at -40 degrees
6, the expansion ratio ranges from 8 times to 45 times, to meet different requirements
7, epp material is very adiabatic floating, can be used for adiabatic floating materials
8, very good corrosion resistance, can pack many dangerous goods without toxicity.
9, the molecule has strong stability, can be used repeatedly for a long time
10, completely harmless to the human body, and can be perfectly degraded, is a recyclable material, recycling and reuse.