Not only do the aircraft, Gao Fushuai's foaming material EPP can also be like this

date: 2018-09-14

The full English name of EPP is called Expanded Polypropylene, and Chinese is foamed polypropylene. EPP foaming material, also widely known as arpro, is a high-performance polymer/gas composite with excellent performance. It is the fastest growing environmentally friendly new pressure-resistant cushioning material with its unique and superior performance. EPP is widely used in construction, packaging, automobiles, sporting goods, outdoor products, toys, toolboxes, food packaging boxes, home appliances, and daily necessities. PP foaming materials are included in the new technical materials section of the "Made in China 2025" key areas. Follow the small series to understand the application areas of EPP.

Construction engineering

EPP composite hollow building formwork has light weight, high strength, good toughness, high impact strength, small expansion coefficient, large plate width, less joints, smooth surface, no moisture absorption, no mildew, no cracking, cold resistance and high temperature resistance. , acid and alkali resistant, flame retardant, sawable, nailable, weldable, no need to brush release agent, easy to demould, easy to assemble, high turnover rate, low price, can be processed into any length, etc., can replace traditional Bamboo glue board, wood formwork: Compared with the traditional formwork, this product can be recycled and reused, and the turnover is used 50 times to 100 times.

Insulation insulation

EPP's foamed hollow structure, good resistance to heat conduction. Foamed PP is a closed cell structure like foamed PE. Therefore, its thermal conductivity is not affected by moisture, and it is lower than foamed PE and has remarkable heat insulation properties. Therefore, it can be used as an advanced thermal insulation material. It is widely used in some engineering equipment and medical and health fields that require adequate insulation protection.

Applicable to medical treatment: 1, refrigerated medicines, vaccines, clinical inspection and quarantine samples, blood distribution samples within the province. 2. Biological samples, diagnostic reagents, and sliced hospital turnover.

Takeaway box

EPP products have high strength, good toughness, non-toxic and environmental protection, and good insulation effect of hollow foam structure. It is an ideal material for making take-away boxes. EPP can adjust the foaming rate to meet the strength and assembly requirements of the product. For example, the EPP box can be externally mounted with a spring handle for easy delivery.

With the hot development of Internet ordering in recent years, such as the US group, hungry, Baidu take-out, etc., the demand for EPP take-out boxes is strong and is currently in a period of rapid growth.


EPP has high strength, good toughness, wear and scratch resistance, oil and dirt resistance, safety and non-toxicity, and quick recovery of rebound. It is an ideal model and children's toy material. With the upgrade of consumption and environmental regulations, EPP is in toys. The field is more widely used.


EPP is an ideal material for toolboxes due to its high strength, high toughness, water resistance, drop resistance, dimensional stability and light weight.


The use of lightweight EPP materials on automotive parts improves overall fuel efficiency. Polypropylene (EPP) foam is an important material in the automotive industry due to its elasticity, heat resistance, oil resistance, non-toxicity, recyclability and shock resistance. The demand for EPP in the automotive industry is increasing. In addition, global vehicle production and consumption have increased, and it is expected to further promote the growth of the global EPP foam market. EPP is applied to multiple parts of the car: