Introduction and use of EPP materials

TIME 2024-01-22

EPP is the abbreviation of polypropylene plastic foaming materials. It is a high -crystal polymer/gas composite material with excellent performance. With its unique and superior performance, it has become the fastest -growing environmentally -friendly new types of anti -buffer insulation material.

EPP products have excellent seismic resistance performance, high recovery rate after deformation, high heat resistance, chemical resistance, oil resistance and thermal insulation. In addition, its quality can greatly reduce the weight of the item.

EPP is also an environmentally friendly material, which can not only recycle and reuse, but also degrade naturally without causing white pollution.

The EPP application field is becoming more and more extensive. IT products, electronic communication equipment, LCD monitors, plasma color TVs, precision electronic components, precision instruments and instruments, etc. have begun to use EPP as packaging materials.

Another particularly important application area is a large number of applications in the automotive industry: car insurance bumper, automotive side shock core, car door shock core, high -end safety car seats, children's safety seats,

Toolbox, trunk, handrails, bottom pads, sunshade boards, dashboards, etc. (According to statistics, it is reflected: the current average plastic of each car is 100 ~ 130kg, which is applied to EPP plastic about 4 ~ 6kg).

In addition, EPP is also a good material for making aviation models, but the price is also an important reason for restricting model friends' self -made EPP model.

What are the uses of EPP?

EPP can be used as children's safety seats, car bumper cores, models, surfing boards, mattresses, stools, insulation boxes, toys

Is EPP safe?

EPP is also an environmentally friendly material; polypropylene is widely used in food containers. Plastic dishes, plastic chopsticks, plastic cups used in canteens are PP materials, EPP is a foamed PP; you can directly contact food;