EPP car children's seat advantages and their applications

TIME 2024-01-22

Car children's seats have high safety requirements, and technical indicators include elasticity and hardness. EPP materials have the lowest weight in foam plastics in the same foam, but the strength is the largest, which is not easy to damage. It can even be used in auto insurance insurance. Above the bar, the damage to the collision was minimized. In addition, the EPP seats are very flexible, and it can be recovered by impact.

In addition to security, the unique advantage of the EPP seat is environmental protection. The environmental protection of EPP materials is the best of all foam plastics. This material can be degraded, recyclable, and combustion will not produce toxic substances. Important reason.

The safety and environmental protection of EPP car children's seats are much higher than children's seats made of other foam materials. With the improvement of technology and the decline in cost, EPP car children's seats will become more and more common.