What is the safer food for food preservation boxes?

TIME 2024-01-22

There are many conditions for food preservation boxes. It is made of inferior, inferior materials, and must not be purchased. It will be harmful to the body.

Second: Food preservation box requires good heat resistance. Food that is kept fresh and refrigerated may need to be heated. At this time, the material of the food preservation box of food determines whether it can be directly heated. Therefore Directly heated fresh -keeping box material.

Third: In addition to adults, there are some special groups such as children and elderly people in the range of food preservation boxes. Therefore, it is best to choose the material to be resistant to fall and it is not easy to break.

Fourth: Food preservation box must have a strong confinement, which can isolate the bacteria in the air and the air, and maximize the freshness of the food. For example, the materials of the fresh -keeping boxes of some countries and brands have used aerospace technology materials. The super confinement is several times the ordinary fresh -keeping box. Such a fresh -keeping box can extend the freshness of the ingredients.