One article understands electrical plastic

TIME 2024-01-22

Conductive plastic is a functional polymer material that mixes the resin as a substrate and conductive additive, and is processed by processing and forming by plastic processing. Generally speaking, the conductivity of objects has four forms: insulators, semiconductors, conductors and superconductors. The conductive plastic realizes the huge changes from insulation to semiconductor to conductives, which is the most possible in all substances that can complete this possibilities. Compared with traditional materials, it has the characteristics of light weight, easy forming, and resistance to resistance, and can easily be easily designed to synthesize or compound materials with a variety of structures. The conductive plastic can be divided into: insulation, anti -static, conductive and high -conductive body according to the conductivity; Electromagnetic wave shielding material.

The substrate can include: PC/ABS, PC, ABS, PA, PPE, etc.;

Conductive fibers are mainly: nickel -plated carbon fiber, stainless steel fiber, etc.;

Conductive plastic has both EMI shielding functions and grounding functions.

Conductive plastic

Leading nickel -plated carbon fiber composite material technology

Compared with other fibers, nickel -plated carbon fiber (NCF) has large strength, high modular amount, and low density. It has a good high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance as carbon materials. The burning performance is good, the thermal expansion coefficient is extremely low, and there are low -radiation absorption, non -magnetic and non -magnetic, excellent vibration damping, creep resistance and anti -fatigue properties and biocompatibility. At the same time, the electromagnetic shielding composite material prepared by carbon fiber is completed and the mechanical properties are good due to the one -time processing and shielding of the shielding, which is convenient for mass production. Therefore, it is an important development direction for electromagnetic shielding materials.